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Brian Tracy’s Proven 4-Step Process to Become a Professional Speaker Webinar

If you’ve been following me for a while, then I’m sure you’ve heard me mention my good friend and colleague, Brian Tracy.

If you’re not familiar with Brian, he’s a fellow New York Times #1 best-selling author, internationally-renowned success expert, thought leader, and one of the best professional speakers alive today…

After 30 years of speaking and more than 5,000 talks given worldwide, he could fill a library with what he knows about building a career as a speaker.

He recently decided to take the best of his experiences and strategies, and boil them all down into a single eBook, which you can get right here, right now:

It’s called, The 6 Figure Speaker.

When he told me about this eBook, I knew my community would get a lot out of it, especially if you have taken any of my trainings, courses, or have goals to do the same type of work I do.

So I immediately asked him if I could share it with you…

And since Brian and I have been good friends for so long and he also wants to help people reach their goals and live extraordinary lives, not only did he say, “Yes, of course, INSERT NAME!”… he also agreed to give it to you completely free.

Grab your free book, here.

Now, I have a question for you, my friend…

Have you ever imagined yourself speaking from stage or giving a TED Talk? What about becoming the go-to expert in your field? Or coaching people to success as a renowned thought leader?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, have dreams of making a handsome income as a speaker… or even just want to share your message with the world, The 6 Figure Speaker is a must read.

You’ll discover how to step onto the stage with total confidence so you can share your message in the most impactful, inspiring way possible.

But that’s not all, you’ll also learn…

  • How to start your career as a paid professional speaker even if you’ve never spoken publicly before.
  • How to define and deeply understand your audience so you can tailor your speech to be as impactful and inspiring as possible.
  • How to turn your speeches into products so that they’ll be available to more people.
  • Brian’s 6 “guerilla” marketing strategies that don’t cost you a dime but will create amazing fans who book you to speak time and time again.
  • The secret of getting high-paying speaking gigs that only 10% of professional speakers know and how to use it to stand out from the crowd, get repeat work and book yourself solid.

And, when you grab your free The 6 Figure Speaker eBook right now, Brian told me that he will also give you his “6-month action plan.” This takes the framework in the book and breaks it down into a step-by-step guide you can follow to make sure you find success as a professional speaker and book your first gig immediately.

But hurry, it’s only free for a limited time…

Click HERE before your free 6 Figure Speaker eBook offer vanishes.

I wish you success as a professional speaker! 🙂

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Become a bolder, braver, and more confident English Speaker

Learning English can be FUN and EASY, it need NOT be that intimidating for just about any one whose native tongue is not English. At myOneEngish, let’s get cracking and learn it, tell it, say it and speak it!

There are an abundance of resources that can allow anyone to learn the language. But know just what works effectively for you is one thing and knowing just where to outsource for good content learning is another.

I have come across many coaches who teach English. I have many friends who are wanting to learn English is a shortest possible time. It does take time and effort to learn it, and there is no better time than now to go learn.

We are coming from different work professions and with differing time constraints. We have got to be very practical in the manner and approach that we are going to take in order to be able to learn English effectively. We all have our personal reasons for wanting to learn English.

The bottom line…

You want help to motivate yourself to become bolder, braver and a more confident English speaker.

You want to be fluent and to speak English with clarity and naturally.

You want to be able to join and participate in any English conversations confidently.

You want to meet and interact with people all over the world.

You can fit all these pieces to the puzzle, with a little guiding hand from me. And I will show you exactly how to!

Let’s get started!

Here is a technique from a great coach.

You can check out her whole NEW series of imitation lessons – click here!

In this new series of imitation lessons, the focus is on storytelling.

Telling stories is such an important part of communicating, in any language! It’s how we share our dreams, experiences and entertain each other. This series will help you to build your storytelling skills in nine different contexts.

Each lesson features a native English speaker telling a story.

You will learn to tell the same story yourself, using natural expression, intonation, stress and rhythm.

Enjoy! 🙂

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The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee

The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee Kindle Edition

The Unsung Patriot: Memoirs of Wong Pow Nee, is a record of Pow Nee’s impeccable journey in writing national history – rising from humble beginnings as a farmer and school teacher to public office as the first Chief Minister of Penang from 1957 to 1969.

Apart from rare insights and accounts of Pow Nee’s early services and personal life, this book seeks to fill in the gaps of Penang’s post-independence developmental history, while highlighting Pow Nee’s personal struggles and major contributions during his turbulent tenure as Chief Minister. Literally and little known, Pow Nee paved the way for the birth of Penang’s industrialization, typically on the mainland portion of the state, which later turned out a huge success under his successor, Dr. Lim Chong Eu. All of these are significant events in Penang’s modern history that mark the state’s impressive transformation from ‘swamps to semiconductors’.

Also, in uncovering the bits and pieces of national history, this book equally sheds light on Pow Nee’s ambassadorial role to Rome and his involvement in the Cobbold Commission of 1962, tasked with the responsibility of gathering opinions from East Malaysia for the formation of Malaysia. Although these formed a relatively small part of Malaysia’s rich history, Pow Nee had nevertheless played a significant role in the nation’s building process as a whole including that of Penang.

All in all, the book strives to document and retell the forgotten post-war history of Penang (from 1957 to 1969) and serves to share the story of the unsung patriot, who made history and faded from the scene of public life, quietly with a sense of humility, after having devoted his time and service to the nation and Penang.

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Explore the arts with titles on art history, artists, fashion, and photography

Throughout human history, the arts has propelled us forward to connect us to our past. The arts help us to express ourselves and that of the world around us, and give us tools with which to question and challenge. But it is almost as difficult to define art as it would be to define ourselves without it. Readers now have the best selection possible of art books and photography books. Amateur and professional photographers alike who may be interested in fashion photography, portrait photography, or atmospheric black and white photography will find sections of our store devoted to their interests. From readers studying art history and art criticism or photography history, to people interested in the performing arts or just finding a good drawing book to help them work on proportions, the selection of titles in Arts & Photography has something for everyone.