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Become a bolder, braver, and more confident English Speaker

Learning English can be FUN and EASY, it need NOT be that intimidating for just about any one whose native tongue is not English. At myOneEngish, let’s get cracking and learn it, tell it, say it and speak it!

There are an abundance of resources that can allow anyone to learn the language. But know just what works effectively for you is one thing and knowing just where to outsource for good content learning is another.

I have come across many coaches who teach English. I have many friends who are wanting to learn English is a shortest possible time. It does take time and effort to learn it, and there is no better time than now to go learn.

We are coming from different work professions and with differing time constraints. We have got to be very practical in the manner and approach that we are going to take in order to be able to learn English effectively. We all have our personal reasons for wanting to learn English.

The bottom line…

You want help to motivate yourself to become bolder, braver and a more confident English speaker.

You want to be fluent and to speak English with clarity and naturally.

You want to be able to join and participate in any English conversations confidently.

You want to meet and interact with people all over the world.

You can fit all these pieces to the puzzle, with a little guiding hand from me. And I will show you exactly how to!

Let’s get started!

Here is a technique from a great coach.

You can check out her whole NEW series of imitation lessons – click here!

In this new series of imitation lessons, the focus is on storytelling.

Telling stories is such an important part of communicating, in any language! It’s how we share our dreams, experiences and entertain each other. This series will help you to build your storytelling skills in nine different contexts.

Each lesson features a native English speaker telling a story.

You will learn to tell the same story yourself, using natural expression, intonation, stress and rhythm.

Enjoy! 🙂